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A Corvette Wagon Will Appear This Year

Almost three years ago, the tuning company named Callaway Cars made waves with the idea of AeroWagen concept, remember this? Old but gold V8 coupled with a sleeker Corvette shooting brake looked like something unique for hearted wagon fans. 2014 was announced to be the AeroWagen production year, but unfortunately the production was delayed for three years. And now Callaway Cars announces it will be ready to launch converting Corvettes into AeroWagens in the mid-fall 2016. And about time, too! We have been waiting more than three years for this!

Actually, the result of such converting may serve as a low-cost U.S. choice option to the expensive Ferrari FF, with a sleeker exterior and plenty of cargo space. The pricing details as well as the top speed expected are yet to be revealed by Callaway Cars, but the previous basic price data announced around $ 15,000. The tuned company claimed a 200mhp for the AeroWagen, but it’s all but impossible with the current powertrain. The converted Corvette Aerowagen package will look like a spacious coupe with the tail end of a wagon, the heavy rear pillar and a single-paneled carbon fibre roof. It would be offered for the Z06 Coupe and Stingray Coupe.