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Finally in Flesh: Callaway Revealed the Corvette C7 AeroWagen

The long-awaited (oh, very long!) shooting brake conversion called the Aerowagen has been finally revealed after more than three years of waiting. There is one in the sheet metals and its full glory, for real, not the renders. And it looks abso-fudging-lutely fantastic, not to say almost factory-built.

Callaway Cars, a design aftermarket company that is well-known for its iconic modifications of Chevrolet concepts, tuned a stock C7 Corvette Coupe this time. Meet the result, the extremely awesome Callaway Corvette wagon, coming with the removable carbon fiber targa roof, custom-made wheels and increased cargo space. What will be the charges for your C7 to be modified? According to the last year’s Callaway comment, it is claimed to cost around $15 000. The most important thing is that you can get this conversion without having opted for a Callaway Corvette – and it can totally be removed, if you wouldn’t take the idea.