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Mercedes AMG Spied in A Snow Blizzard

Recently appeared yesterday, these spy shots of testing the forthcoming model of the Black Series, the AMG GT R while going through hard snow and cold weather came as a real bombshell. Due to poor weather conditions as well as the heavy camouflage on the road-going version, it seemed a hard nut to catch all the exterior details.

However, we can see this testing vehicle features 4-wheel steering, strongly-pronounced aerodynamic elements, aggressive side skirts as well as a predatory-looked fixed rear wing, a redesigned front fascia with light weighted wheels. There’s one good thing to be said for the weight – the model is expected to be lighter that the previous model by at least 175 pounds. It comes to a significant speed merit as compared to its class rivals. The high-performance brakes have been also upgraded, along with the refreshed air intakes located significantly lower as compared to the previous test mules. In fact, the entire model focuses on all-out performance.
As the German giant claims, the new AMG GT-R will offer 550hp and boast a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.  Chances are it is to be revealed at the forthcoming 2016 Geneva Motor Show.