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Rugged and Tough-Looking: VW showcased the 4x4 Tiguan GTE Active Concept

Last fall, Volkswagen revealed the Tiguan GTE concept at Frankfurt Motor Show. This winter, Volkswagen enters the US automotive market with a more tough-looking as well as rugged version of this concept. The 2017 4x4 GTE Active off-road-focused concept was showcased at NAIAS last week, and it is believed to be a mind-blowing VW plug-in hybrid.

After a clamorous diesel emission scandal, VW needs something very special to score points again. The GTE Active seems to become a tidy shot in reaching this goal. A redesigned electric-petrol concept with plug-in hybrid powertrain features a 1.4-litre Turbo gasoline engine and powered with 2 separate electric motors (the battery capacity makes a 12.4-kWh) - it means the GTE Active could be available to produce around 220bhp.VW claims it to cover about 580 miles being fully fuelled (the total tank capacity makes 16.9-gallon), with an estimated 20 miles number of electric default range.

A sporty off-road crossover offers an enhanced performance and improved clearance along with the redesigned ramp angles for extreme rough off-road driving. The whole exterior is made in striking metallic Dragon Red paint with the double-toned Nappa-leathered Graphite Grey upholstery. Among other key features like Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink Connect apps, the next-gen Modular Infotainment Platform should be noted.