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2012 Dodge Avenger #1


December 12, 2016
FCA hands over two new police models to the Police Academy in Rome. The four-wheel-drive Jeep Renegade and the 280-hp Alpha Romeo Giulia will be used to make... read more
December 8, 2016
Actually, Donkervoort isn’t considered to be a large-scale automaker; the one and only lineup consists of the D8 GTO. However, a little can go a long way.... read more
December 7, 2016
A one-of-a-kind Ferrari has been spotted (and grabbed all the attention) at Daytona this weekend where Ferrari was getting up the unforgettable Finali... read more
December 6, 2016
One of the most rapid-growing motorsport classes, GT4 hogs the limelight due to fascinating race cars by Porsche, Ford, McLaren and now, Mercedes-AMG. The... read more
December 5, 2016
Ferrari has just revealed its long-awaited 2017 488 Challenge racecar to replace the 458 Challenge Evoluzione model. Sharper and faster, the newcomer debuted... read more
December 2, 2016
If you are curious enough to check automotive EV news, there’s a piece of news for you. The German manufacturer is expected to release its facelifted i3... read more
December 1, 2016
When luxury meets personalization teaming to create a one-off premium car, the results may actually bedazzle. It would be difficult to conjure up a more... read more
December 1, 2016
A Japanese-backed GLM startup technology company has recently unveiled its EV supercars. Two stunning prototypes of luxury electric sedan were shown off in... read more
November 29, 2016
We know Lucid Motors, a California automaker, is working on its own all-electric vehicle, which is announced to hit the streets in 2018 competing with Tesla... read more
November 28, 2016
Recently, Maserati announced that they will jump into the EV market launching its first battery-powered EV version. Codenamed the Alfieri, this luxury two-... read more