Top Ten Greatest Automotive Ads during 2016 Super Bowl

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 18:12

2016 marks the stellar 50th anniversary of the hoped-for Super Bowl, one of the most awaited sporting events seeing live worldwide. The greatest NFL Championship was held on February, 7th, 2016 where Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos were set to face off. In this fierce contest, Broncos have crushed Panthers 24:10 and gloriously won the Super Bowl cup after using a defensive performance. 
Automotive makers spend millions on this event’s commercials pursuing the only hope: that when the game was off, viewers would still discuss the footages.  That’s the main reason why advert makers do their best to grab a large audience’s attention. And prices can reach stratospheric level indeed: a Super Bowl short ad for up to 30 seconds only, sells about $5 million, according to the official statement by Leslie Moonves, the network chief executive. Accessing the audience is worth paying for.
Well, we grabbed the best automotive 2016 Super Bowl ads for you to check, enjoy!

1. Hyundai: Dad, Chase and Ryanville

The Korean automaker earns brownie points to film ever the largest amount of footages for Super Bowl. Absolutely stunning 2016 Hyundai Genesis First Date (or Dad) commercial featuring some sort of helicopter fathers doing best to protect their daughters, along with the Ryanville starring Ryan Reynolds in a brilliant 2017 Hyundai Elantra movie (though, the concept of pedestrian protection via Hyundai advanced safety features seems slightly equivocal).

The Chase appears to pay tribute to the Revenant, an epic western drama by Alejandro Iñárritu, doesn’t it?

2. Toyota: #Go Prius Go

It seems that Toyota fostered some serious efforts to improve the previous Prius boring image up. They started a new marketing “Heck on Wheels” campaign even to promote this updated look. A new getaway car, got the idea?

3. Audi: R8 “Choosing the Moon Brings Us the Best in Us”

One of the most hearts-touching this year Super Bowl commercials ever. Space-themed ad, the Commander features the all-new 2017 Audi R8 powered by V10 engine to highlight its “rocket-like” performance. The ad stories about a national hero, the retired spaceman felt tired and depressed doing a trip down his memory lane, the golden astronautic age. However, the 205-hp supercar might have let him change his mood. A pretty nice way to grab a new car, dad!

4. Honda “Somebody to Love” Ridgeline

Sheep singing Queen Somebody to Love. A dog can talk. Nothing much, just Honda adverts its Ridgeline pick-up built-in audio system. A captivating song and some innovative features advertized will make you feel in love with this short humorous footage indeed!

5. Buick Cascada

Oh, every bride seems to have such a bridesmaid! However, not every bridesmaid looks like Emily Ratajkowski. The advert features the bridesmaid channel Odell Beckham Jr., picking up the bouquet before a newly married couple drives off in the Cascada convertible.

6. Kia Optima “Walken Closet”

We usually take the fact that the category of mid-size sedans appears to be as common and boring as beige socks. The 2016 next-gen Kia Optima gets this statement disclaimed, with its new marketing campaign featuring Christopher Walken. The famous actor proves conclusively the dangers of “beige socks” thinking and encourages consumers to the fabulous all-new Optima.

7. MINI #DefyLabels Commercial

A chick car? MINI defies all the labels here proving the statement that a person who defies stereotypes defies himself \ herself. As a rule, MINI vehicles are labeled as “cute” or “tiny”, that’s why the advert campaign features plenty of celebrities like Serena Williams, Randy Johnson (a well-known baseball The Big Unit player), Harvey Keitel and many others overcoming the obstacles and defying the social stereotypes.

8. Acura What He Said NSX Advert

This short footage aims to promote the 2017 all-new NSX rather to masculine intended audience featuring “Runnin With The Devil” by Eddie Van Halen. Is it just the same thing – opting for a new Acura and listening to Van Halen? Judge for yourself.

9. Jeep “4x4ever” and “Portraits”

2016 marks the milestone anniversary not only for Super Bowl but also for Jeep commemorating its 75th heritage. The rhythmic soundtrack created by Morgan Dorr, aims to take the vehicle’s owners on exciting adventures. “Never Say Never”, the Jeep insists of promoting the off-road performance and a free, adventurous lifestyle. The second “Portraits” footage rather pays tribute to the most prominent iconic people (like Marilyn Monroe, BB King, Steve McQueen) and moments that have set the Jeep history from 1941. “Our story is your story ”, Jeep states.

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