Top Ten Super Bowl Car Ads of All Brands and Years

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 16:22

Hey, 2016 Super Bowl is just around the corner! One of the main sporting events, this contest pushes all the annual limits of network ratings as a huge audience follows the game passionately. The 50th Super Bowl ends the NFL season and this year Carolina Panthers challenges Denver Broncos. Who is your fav to win out the Super Bowl, by the way?
For car fans, this event is much about its absolute vehicle favorites. It is believed many followers watching the live stream are, in fact, watching mostly the ads and not the game itself. Car advertisers usually do the best to create unique, creative and humorous commercials especially for this event spending ridiculous sums of money for the short slots and featuring celebs or Hollywood stars there. So we gathered our Top Ten Car commercials expecting the 50th milestone game. Enjoy!

10. Dodge Wisdom commercial
Aimed to mark the Dodge’s centenary anniversary, the Wisdom commercial is about people crossing the age of 100 years. Affecting and heart-warming, this ad makes you laugh and cry. 

9. Mercedes Benz “The Big Race” commercial
A modern twisting of a classical tale about the fabled hare and the tortoise features an all-new powerful Mercedes AMG GT S. Nice cartoonish try of animating the old story under the motto “Best or nothing”.

8. Fiat 500X “Blue Pill” commercial
That happens if one pops the last tiny pill out of the window. A small car getting bigger and growing into a refined crossover excites all the by-passers with its smooth lines. Pretty funny, but what is Fiat implying?

7. Maserati Ghibli Strike commercial
An Italian automaker, Maserati engaged Quvenzhané Wallis to feature the 2014 Strike commercial. Best known for her Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wilde drama, the young talented actress brilliantly played her role in this short ad. Thrillingly need to check out – and strike!

6. Nissan “With Dad” commercial
Such a great story Nissan made! It literally makes you getting goosebumps and drive to tears each time you see it. A most even memorable family story aimed to support close-knit relationship for years.

5. Audi R8 “The Godfather” commercial
A funny ad promotes the R8 performance car and is closely associated with one of the most famous scenes of “The Godfather” by Coppola. The footage revolves the world-known scene with a severed horse head. Poor little Rolls-Royce!

4. Chevrolet SSR “Soap” commercial
If you often used to use “bad language” expressions, you definitely like this “Holy S___” ad! Awarded with some prizes, this slot is considered to be one of the most funny and clever Super Bowl footages.

3. BMW i3 “Newfangled Ideas” commercial
It doesn’t matter whether you know the meaning of @symbol or not. It doesn’t matter whether you know Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel by sight (they are the hosts of the America Today Show, by the way). It only matters whether you are open-minded enough to comprehend the latest cutting-edge technology, like the electric city car. Or something like that.

2. Ram Trucks “Farmer” commercial
Depicting the life of hard-working men and women, this commercial revolves about Paul Harvey’s speech, “So God Made A Farmer”. Harvey was the host of “The Rest of The Story” radio program. Keeping with the spirit of all-American, the slot is inspiring and glorious.

1. Volkswagen “Force” commercial
The Empire Strikes Back, and this slot is definitely for Star Wars geeks!  One of the most watched ads of all time, this Passat commercial is also considered to be one of the most ever shared videos. And tell me true, have you approached to attempt “the force”, haven’t you?

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