1957 Ferrari 335S Spider Scaglietti Hits the Headlines

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 23:06

A brilliant 1957 335S Spider almost broke the auction sale world record for the most expensive racing cars on February, 5th. It was sold for €32,075,200 ($35.7 million). Why almost? The current world record sets $38.115 million (just this price was revealed for a 1962 Ferrari GTO sold at auction in 2014). The 1957 Spider Scaglietti seems to become the second highest-priced racing vehicle ever sold at auction.

Only four glorious 335S Sciagletti cars had been ever built. This precious rarity has a remarkable racing history and is still closely associated with such legendary racers as Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorn, Wolfgang von Trips along with Sir Stirling Moss. Pierre Bardinon, an outstanding Ferraris collector, bought this Spider Sciagletti in 1970; after that, the racing car had kept in the Bardinon private collection within next 40 years.

Despite its jaw-dropping price at Artcurial Retromobiles, the Paris-based elite auction house, the fortunate possessor of this engineering motor-racing masterpiece cannot use this Spider on the public roads as it is illegal.

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