2016 Challenger and Charger Go Mango!

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 17:19

Recently, Dodge has renewed some hitting muscle-car paints like jazzy Top Banana or starry Sublime green for Charger and Challenger beasties. In 2015, Dodge decided to wrap the models in rich deep purple color up. It was the shiny Plum Crazy chosen, and most experts highly appreciated this performance-focused color choice. This year would be definitely brighter for the Dodge models as vivid orange was applied to bring performance into the main focus. Go Mango models are welcome!

A new hue appears to fit best for the SRT models being closely associated with high speeds and race tracks. Putting it another way, this bold shade reminds us of iconic Mopar muscle-car colors, with these racing stripes in deep black covering the vehicle’s surface from the front splitter to the rear bumper.

Originally, the car maker used this vibrant orange paint option for the 2006 R\T Daytona along with 2016 Dodge Dart letting alone 1970 Challenger. In 2016, Dodge has modernized it to offer for the SRT Hellcat as well as SRT 392 models.

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