2016 Toyota FCV Plus Concept Is Meant for the Future

Sun, 01/10/2016 - 12:24

We always get in touch with the latest innovations, that’s why we continue to deliver some mind-blowing news about the going CES 2016. Now Toyota goes, with its latest FCV Plus Concept, claiming this vehicle could run off hydrogen. Let’s see how it gets on?

As a matter of fact, at this 2016 International CES Toyota is aimed to showcase the future of mobility. It means the car maker would demonstrate a world of automated and all-sufficient vehicles. Toyota concepts are believed to look like those connected cars equipped with highly-developed machine intelligence to secure driving entirely. Toyota regards its concepts as more than just a means of transportation, they are considered to be rather optimized highly-intelligent engineering solutions to deliver as much comfort and convenience as they could. So what kind of hi-tech miracles does Toyota exhibit this year?

First of all, it comes to a notorious FCV Plus Concept; aimed to illustrate the Japanese vision for a genuinely-connected society, the concept demonstrates all the power of sustainable hydrogen technology. In fact, this vehicle could generate electricity via hydrogen outside the car, so the vehicle runs as a stationary source of power for use either on the way or at home. It definitely makes a driver’s life easier and more convenient.

Among others technical improvements, the Toyota Mobility Teammate Concept should not go unmentioned. This connected vehicle reflects perfectly the carmaker’s experience in driving automatic technologies research. The Toyota Agent Plus telematics system which is said to be used in the production Toyota models is noteworthy too.

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