2017 Silverado HD Features a New Air Intake System

Fri, 06/03/2016 - 12:41

This sledge-hammer 2017 Chevy Silverado looks like a hot little stuff, with a practically similar treatment as the forthcoming 2017 GMC Sierra HD has got. Well, its twin Silverado heavy-duty truck sibling will from now feature a new branded air-intake system, along with a functional hood scoop to boost performance. According to the recent Chevrolet’s press release, this innovative induction system let the Silverado’s 6.6-litre engine keep cool even amid poor driving conditions delivering a power-packed RAM-air supercharging effect.

GM’s Chevrolet claims the all-new ingenious intake system provides air to the DURAMAX Turbo-diesel engine from an inlet; the whole point is the higher-speed air going to the engine is dry and cool. Its temperature comes, in fact, close to the ambient temperature outside the vehicle, to maintain the performance. The 2017 Silverado featuring this air intake system has been tested in the most extreme weather conditions including desert, rain and ice scenarios, to provide customers maximum driving utility.

The upcoming 2017 Silverado HD along with the GMC Sierra HD heavy trucks are all about to be launched this fall. So as the company will reveal more detailed info about the gimmicks, we will keep you in the loop on that.  Stay tuned!


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