All-New BMW M2 MotoGP Safet Car Beats the Limits!

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 19:44

Meet the fresh MotoGP Safety Car! The production version is BMW M2-based and built on a road-going beasty, improved immensely to tackle the tracks effortlessly. The latest M Division gold-trimmed highlight in Alpine white body paint is expectedly going to the run actually before starting the MotoGP season (kicking off late March, in Quatar) of 2016.

It should be noted particularly that the BMW M Division officially picked up the torch of incuring the duties of safety car in 2006. Some remarkable representative debuts have been arrived from the time; one has just to recall the successful M6 Gran Coupe featured in 2013, and the brilliant M4 arrived last year.

Next door to impossible, but the German highly-qualified experts needed just over ten weeks to assemble it and polish the shapes of the brand-new Coupe-based model. In October, 2015, the BMW team started some optimization of the high performance vehicle by hand, and went through with it in two months. Their brainchild, the M2 safety car boasts lightweight particularly noticeable design and ensures radically sporty performance.

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