All You Need to Start Driving is Saying “Hello Volkswagen” Now

Fri, 01/08/2016 - 12:25

2016 International Consumer Electronics Show keeps leaving its followers open-mouthed. After showcasing the FFZERO1 by Faraday Future, Volkswagen snatches the initiative away by releasing two long-awaited premieres, an all-electric Budd-e concept car along with the e-Golf Touch model. As the car maker claims, the model is equipped with a next-gen unique gesture-and-voice control system. So no need to touch the button in order to turn the trick; all you need is only to say “Hello Volkswagen” (just like “OK Google”).

The e-Golf Touch is considered to be a totally real car, indeed, not a soon-to-be-and-arguably-never template, and it’s the jewel in the crown. The user-friendly 9.2-inch sensor infotainment system is incorporated in this vehicle, and it is expected to be mounted on the mass-market production cars. On the top of that, there’s so-called Personalization 2.0 system which let a driver to customize the car via saving its own account settings in the cloud (well, it looks like a hotry-totsy option when you drive AT LEAST two VWs). Other hi-tech features are a Wi-Fi-connected tablet, wireless gadget charging as well as an electronic voice amplification system; it is aimed to make the rear-seat passengers feel more comfortable when riding. The e-Golf Touch supports MirrorLink and Apple CarPlay so one can use both gesture and voice commands to control the concept. The driver can easily take the chill on or off via SmartWatch system, e.g. VW promotes now a “New Volkswagen” strategy to emphasize the on-coming changes in the automotive market (it comes to some actual autonomous projects) and that’s why they do their best to create a mind-blowing self-driving concept.

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