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Amazing Concept, Hommage Solution

BMW Group has unveiled its brainchild, BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, to a wide audience. The concept car, created by the Bavarian design team, is considered to serve as the latest interpretation of the CSL Coupe, being BMW’s immortal classic Coupe rooted back to the 1970s.

As for the CSL Hommage design, it is rather a clear reference to the BMW 3.0 CSL model, featured a stunning performance as well as the solid lightweight. The Hommage Concept borrows its old-fashioned though classical shapes transforming it into extremely attractive mind-boggling fresh appearance (some experts even call it the Batmobile). The car experts could appraise also the latest hi-tech carbon fibre and aluminium materials, longitudinal splitters and elaborated design solutions.

The body design of BMW Hommage gives credits to its advanced aerodynamics – in fact, this model is a runner. The powerfully flared tricked wheel arches, a relief roof and huge rear spoiler mean a racing-orientated model. The bright yellow bonnet, rear wing and extremely sporty front and rear parts of the concept car determine its exterior. One can pay tribute to the X-themed front laser lights, low-flying air dam as well as the largest ever Brembo brakes, RWD 8-speed automatic transmission and the upgraded boost system. The model has definitely made its points; the exterior embodies light weight, sportiness and elegance, being the key qualities of the original BMW Coupe. The Hommage proves engineering excellence, a high attention to the details and sophisticatedly chosen materials to build up.