Aspark Owl Electric Car Boggles Minds at Frankfurt

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 20:48

Mysterious and unexpected, the all-electric Owl car has debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Looking like a real hypercar, the Japanese-made Owl promises to be the most dynamic car over the world ever, with such an ultimate acceleration. The secret seems to root back to the steel frame packed in a lightweight carbon fiber body.

Aspark, an almost unknown Japanese company, claims its electric supercar prototype takes only 2 seconds to hit 62mph, due to twin electric motors incorporated to send power to all four wheels. A top speed is announced to reach under 174mph. The interior is finished fully in leather upholstery. With a curb weight of just under 1,900 pounds, 90mm ground clearance and a wide tubular chassis, the head-turning Owl has a real driving potential to make a road car career.
Aspark is going to start selling its full-electric Owls in 2019, for €3.5M each.

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