Audi Teases with Q-Crossovers Coming Soon

Tue, 02/23/2016 - 19:09

At Geneva, Audi promises to wow the event’s happy attendees with its all-new Q-lettered crossovers. In late 2015, the German carmaker expanded the crossover’s lineup with two fabulous models, the Q2 baby crossover along with the updated redesigned second-gen Q5. So Geneva will be the right floor for these models to debut at.


Two video teasers about the highly-anticipated Q5 and the arriving Q2 have been breeze discussing online. The next-gen Q5, with similar specifications, is expected to share the MLB platform with the A4 model featuring expectedly revolutionary design. The compact Q2 is awaited to feature smaller sizes and a cheaper pricing tag to enter a new market segment for the German company. Worse luck – the first video has been intentionally blurred while the second has been shot from a bird’s perspective. So we cannot pitch-perfectly consider what is what there.

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