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Beijing Debut: Geely Emgrand Cross Concept Teasing

Already teased at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show taking place in China, the all-new reconsidered Geely Emgrand Cross Concept hit the minds proving there is life in an old Emgrand yet . The next, 2015 PHEV Crossover concept is distinctively built for the Beijing market, with the population level beating the maximum rates extremely. The Emgrand Concept is aimed at the solution of this issue.

Getting a new restyled logo and focusing on the mass production, the 2015 crossover features a strikingly bright spacious interior with an up-scaled color palette. A terrific exterior design is specifically developed to attract buyers – it comes to new LED headlights, a restyled bumper and a massive grille. A huge windshield connects with the stylish roof. Created to function effectively, the all-new hybrid Geely PHEV proudly faces all the needs from the buyers as it will be equipped with an inspirational interior. The crossover will offer a LCD touch screen taking up the connectivity needs. The whole interior is finished in genuine leather upholstery, from the steering wheel covering to soft stitched cream seats. The Emgrand did not disclose all the interior details about the crossover; however the PHEV is expected to take up most of the design solutions applied from Volvo.