BMW Expands its Chinese Lineup with a New X1 Plug-in Hybrid CUV

Fri, 09/09/2016 - 10:23

The Bavarian automaker chalks up another plug-in hybrid victory having joined the all-new model to its X Series lineup. The X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance has just proudly been unveiled at the current Chengdu Motor Show. However, this vibrant electrified hybrid CUV version enters the Chinese market only though it has being tested on European roads. BMW blog announced this imposing plug-in hybrid SUV to be the first such a compact bedazzle model in the luxury segment.
In its heart, the compact luxury SUV is based on the long wheelbase X1 crossover being yet 79mm longer than the standard one. The X1 xDrive25Le is powered with a 1.5-litre 134bhp three-cylinder gasoline Turbo engine producing the power output of 100kW and a peak torque of 220Mn mated to a rear-axle 94bhp electric motor  producing up to 165 Nm of torque and 70kW of power, and a six-speed gearbox. Accelerating 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds, it uses a high-voltage 10.7-kW lithium battery providing a full-electric range of 37 miles with a combined cruising one of 391 miles. With the pack, the impressive-looking X1 iPerformance is yet more extremely cost-effective as it consumes just 1.8 litres of gas per 100km.  Along with that, this high-flyer boasts a unique BMW Remote app to manage the charge battery state and navigate driving routes best.

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