Buick Avista: Much Promising, Never Built

Sun, 03/20/2016 - 01:37

Revealed at the Motor Show in Detroit, the Avista immediately made waves due to its dramatic appearance and eye-popping exterior design. Yet a piece of bad news to Buick followers: Anthony DiSalle, the Vice President of Marketing for Buick at GMC, confirmed the company never planned its running into production.

According to his words, the car maker elaborated the Avista to create some buzz about the fabulously-looking concept, thus far to heighten public interest to it. However, despite the fact the audience has been speaking about the Buick Avista in mostly glowing terms, the company has never intended its production stage and is not about to start now. “No other plans for now”, he said.

On the top of that, he disproved the case that the company would possibly convert the coupe concept to a sedan version considering that the Regal sedan meets the customers’ needs in the midsize segment. And more, DiSalle added that the Avista will never be the styling tryout for the future as this role belongs to the Avenir concept. Putting it all together, we should never hope this concept will be launched in the production version, the pity of it!

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