C8 Preliator Debuts in the USA

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Faced its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the C8 Preliator has been showcased several days ago in New York. Those who witnessed this debut at Geneva could already get a possibility to enjoy the highly exclusive Spyker latest hand-built model. However, the North American showcasing goes hand-in-hand with another news event; the manufacturer revealed the C8 pricing tag, and it is nothing but extremely eye-watering.

Spending a whopping $354,900 for a supercar may seem distractedly mad. In fact, this pricing tag ranks the C8 together with the Lambo Aventador or the F12 Berlinetta by Ferrari. However, exclusivity seems to be rather a drawback here as Lamborghini can build an incomparably bigger number of Aventador units per month than Spyker. The Holland carmaker intends to make only 50 Preliators, so this number would be strictly limited. What about luxury? It could be reasonable; however, we should still take such the luxury segment rivals as the Wraith or Vanquish into account. Is the Preliator worth a shot? Yep, it is believed to be a hand-crafted exquisite sportscar, equipped with a supercharged V8 engine delivering 518hp. But isn’t it an unreasonably high price for this ivory tower?


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