Call of Future with FFZERO1 – It Is What We Expected?

Wed, 01/06/2016 - 23:08

Revealing its brainchild, the FFZERO1 at 2016 CES EXPO, Faraday Future promised a true bombshell. The company has been remained a head-scratcher teasing all the fans with its hyper-futuristic supercar research till this year’s Las Vegas CES. Well, they promised – they did. But is the result exactly the point we expected?

Based on Chinese financing, Faraday Future claims the aim of rocking the transportation world via FFZERO1. Meeting the driver or lapping the track? It would be rather a common thing for such an autonomous project like ZERO1; the steering wheel is equipped with a smartphone to emphasize the personalization. Actually, driving the FFZERO1 looks like an extravehicular activity – the Halo Safety system can provide water and oxygen via a driver’s helmet while the dashboard-mounted systems can monitor the main vital signs about the driver.

Different body configurations and drivetrains will let the owner personalize the model and choose a wishful one. A single-seater with no doors (we wonder how the driver would enter the car, like a jet or what? A killing practice) is said to deliver 1000hp and even more, such a solid start. The main task of this racing supercar is to demonstrate so-called Variable Platform Architecture, a convertible configuration module. The bizarre concept will sprint from 0 to 60 of around 3 seconds with an estimated top speed of more than 200mph driven by four electric motors. The other engine and performance details are still being kept secret.
An all-electric concept car is expected to compete with Tesla Motors, Chevrolet and Volkswagen autonomous projects.

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