Capturing Luxury Together With Quality: Morgan Hitting Geneva

Sun, 01/03/2016 - 07:22

British car maker Morgan, noted for its refined models, works really hard at making their fans feel cool. At Geneva, they revealed an all-new 2016 Aero 8 with the new reinvented design. Being a representative of the fifth generation of this extremely popular Aero Eight, the version is aimed to replace two Morgan models, meaning Aero Supersports and Aero Coupe. It is known the production started the 2015 fall; however, it would be strictly limited with only several numbers available.

If you visited the 85th Geneva Motor Show to meet this iconic car, you might have noticed the model bearing some groundbreaking exterior and technical changes such as alterations to the suspension and chassis. It has been a core task for the design team to emphasize the dynamic character of this refined vehicle. In fact, the last Aero 8 offers the largest options pack ever of any Morgan models. The launched make bears a new aluminum body, sculpted manually, as well as a strongly-pronounced aggressive profile. Sharing a 4.8-litre V8 engine, BMW-based, with the previous models, the 2016 Aero produces 362hp and boasts 6-speed automatic and manual paddle-shifted transmission. As for the interior styling, it has been also reconsidered; the model boasts new carbon seats, some new dashboard arrangements, an upgraded infotainment, media and air conditioning systems. Rich wood surrounds and fine leather trim add credits to the reputation of the most refined British sports car. In fact, the owner could choose a wishful combination of leather, paint palette and a huge set of details. Personalization is the highest consideration, and Morgan proves it in the best way with the new Aero 8.

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