A Carbon Fiber Bullet in the Bristol Gun

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

In the scorching heat of midsummer, British automakers get to pull out of their hat again. One of the iconic names in the history of car making – it comes to Bristol – is going to conquer mew heights with an all-new speedster. The retro-looking production version of the Bristol’s concept car, codenamed the Project Pinnacle, is expected to be revealed in a little while, this July. And now Bristol has apparently announced the proud name the forthcoming British gimmick will boast – Bristol Bullet we will call it.

Just several weeks ago, the production version was first seen at the Goodwood Fest of Speed. Despite its all-camouflage coat, it may be noted that the lightweight model boasts carbon-fiber chassis and is made from composite materials to decrease its weight. The previous Bristol model, the Fighter, boasted aluminum details mostly so carbon fiber is a decided step forward. The exterior details including a bonnet intake along with the front grille and wings would appear to be borrowed from older Bristol models. The Bristol’s specifications and final equipment have not yet been revealed; however, the sports car is equipped with a 4.8-litre V8 non-turbo (the carmaker claimed it to be the last such engine in a series) by BMW, naturally aspirated.


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