Chevrolet Bolt Boosted EPA-Estimated Range to 238 Miles

Tue, 09/13/2016 - 12:36

GM’s all-electric Chevy Bolt EV is just announced to run 238 miles on charge, it does mean on a single one. To boost the range, the design team used carbon fiber and lightweight composite materials only. Compared to 215 miles of range by Tesla (not to mention the previous Chevrolet Spark EV offered 82 miles only), it looks much more pretty tempting now.
In contrast to Tesla rival, the Chevy’s EV appears to be a more attractive model now. The upcoming Model 3 – and the brand name is actually considered to be the first advantage – offers 215 miles of range, along with the price of $35,000. The Bolt EV is expected to offer “below $37,500”, seemingly similar-priced offer for a purely-electric compact car. However, the final pricing hasn’t still been revealed yet. Powered by an electric motor, the 200-hp Bolt could accelerate 0-60mph in about 7 seconds delivering a top speed of about 91mph.

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