Chevrolet Cruze Tron Legacy Edition to Showcase at 2016 Auto China

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 11:03

Atopic of theme parks is huge and continues to be explored. Following Ferrari World, Chevrolet is keeping up with the current tends. To mark the future opening of the forthcoming Shanghai Disney Resort scheduled to open in June, 2016, Chevrolet is showcasing a one-off special vehicle at 2016 Auto Show in Beijing. In addition to EVs and SUVs, the carmaker is displaying a Cruze Tron show car, ispired by the Disney movie.

The unofficial name traces back to “Tron: Legacy” film released in 2011. The Cruze Tron is believed to be the fruit of cooperative working between the Walt Disney China and Chevvy. As the latter appears as the official automotive partner of the Shanghai Disney Resort, so the companies joined their efforts to build the eye-popping Cruze Tron Edition.

The bespoke model fuses together Chevrolet’s innovative technologies and Disney’s fascinating way of thinking, paying homage to the utmost sci-fi film. The show car embodies a fantastic aura of Hollywood block-buster and Chevrolet’s “Finf New Roads” vision for customized real vehicles in its aggressive body.

The Tron theme dominates throughout the whole show car, wrapped in a purpose-designed metallic paint featuring neon ice blue accents and flowing blue lines. The same effect has been made inside via the blue trim on the center console, seats and steering wheel giving the design a make-believing aura.

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