Chiron Sold Out, Bugatti Will Focus on the Next Projects

Sun, 03/06/2016 - 13:51

It seems that Bugatti wraps a loss of money on pricey hypercars up. Chiron, unveiled at Geneva Motors and boasted to be completely sold out, appears to pull the plug. According to the words of Wolfgang Durheimer, the Bugatti CEO, announced a company’s new flash mind-boggling project in the nearest future.

Another endeavor is considered to be heavily associated with financial losses of the French carmaker. For each and every Veyron hypercar sold, the company’s heart-stopping losses, roughly estimated, have been equaled around $6 million keeping in mind the base eye-watering model price of $2.6 million and 500 units.

As a result, the company would save the money for the next ambitious concept. Would it be a fully-electric project or a fabulous SUV? That remains to be seen. Durheimer hints at a 4-door limousine meaningfully.

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