Codenamed Vengeance, the DB9 Supercar Will Hit Geneva in March

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 19:53

For 2016 Geneva, the main automakers shift the new metal at full throttle. The same goes for coachbuilders, tuners and aftermarket companies. The British Kahn Design seems to be the part of the solution approach, having teased some official striking shots of Aston Martin DB9-grounded supercar. The full version will be revealed at the Motor Show in Switzerland this spring.

The UK design house used a DB9 as a main basis for this two-door hand-built supercar. The sports coupe follows the chassis, interior and a general Aston-style design from the previous DB9 and even Vanquish. However, the coachbuilder rendered the Vengeance more dramatic, with an updated 7-bar aggressive grille and large special roulette-like allow wheels. The Vengeance project will be unleashed in limited series only, with the expected price of £ 300,000; the exact number of units is still confidential, though. The aftermarket company also said that every bespoke sports coupe will be offered with a special one-off plaque with the signatures of every member of Kahn Design team who built the model.

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