Cool Cops on 370Z Nismo Patrol Cars

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Performance-focused sheet of metal to support traffic safety activities? Gosh, yes! Tokyo cops recently have got the latest Nissan addition to the patrol fleet, Fairlady Z NISMO patrol cars. A trio of Nissan 350-hp sports cars has been delivered to the Metropolitan Police Departament to perform regular duties. 

Successfully debuted at the Traffic Safety Fest in Osaka, Japan, these headline-grabbers in black-and-white police liveries got tons of attention there. By the way, this colour layout wrapping looks amazingly enough stylish and subtle on the models. For the police department, the three 370Z NISMOs were equipped with 3.7-litre V6 power units, along with emergency lighting and tuned chassis.

It is surely not the first time that the performance cars have been joining police force worldwide. You may remember the elegant Alpha Romeo Giulias through the Milanese streets or exotic Bugatti Veyrons along with Lambo Aventadors served as Dubai police cars in the UAE. But these Tokyo special versions even if they would be used for the promo events look undoubtedly spectacular. Well, Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift for badass street racers would be definitely a hard set to play out.

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