A Cool Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R Is Here

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 12:07

Aerokits made by famous Japanese Rocket Bunny brand are considered to be highest-quality and highly exclusive.  Designed by Key Miura from Japan, they offer both edgy and great-looking aftermarket tuning aero solutions fitting as well as stock body parts, due to an appealing design and great car of every component taken. This time, under this lineup, meet the Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R project, it’s worth seeing!

The Indonesia-based DriveTech Auto Garage tuning company created this project building a prime-looking aerokit with an eye-catching exterior design inspired by Japanese classic automotive culture and juicy paint choice. Completed with a set of custom forged different-sizes (22-ich front and 21-inch rear) aftermarket ADV.1 Wheels, along with upscale carbon fiber plastic materials, the Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R in Lemon Yellow color sums up a piece of top car engineering alongside with insightful design, absurdly perfect.

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