Corvette Beating A World Record

Wed, 03/09/2016 - 18:40

This tech-savvy all-electric Corvette hits a world speed record in late February showing fabulous figures of 186,6 mph (or 300 km\h)! The International Mile Racing Association acknowledged the unbelievable breakthrough having certified the highest top speed record surpassed by an electric high-performance vehicle.

The previous achievement was put by a Finnish prototype which showed the result of 177 mph or exactly 284 km\h.
Codenamed the GXE, the high-speed project was built by Genovation Cars. It ground-bases on the Corvette Z06 platform and is powered by electric motors delivering 700 hp and 813 Nm of torque and featuring a range of 130 miles. The GXE is uniquely constructed for a low gravity center to optimize a weight distribution. As a result, setting a new world record! Tesla, think it over!

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