A Creative Ad to Promote the Mercedes Benz Night View System

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 15:52

The Night View Plus, featured by Mercedes Benz, is a one-off unique system to provide the largest angle of viewing by a windshield-mounted thermal camera. The system can boast two stand-alone infrared LED spotlights to detect animals as well as people on the tracks or roads at night. Mercedes Benz GLS, S-Class and SL vehicles are mounted with this enhanced system with improved spotlight function to provide the best in-dash orientation for a driver, just like your own eye does the same thing.

Do you know the animals (deer predominantley) are considered to be the greatest blind spot, actually a driver's nightmare? Each year, drivers stike out more than a million deer; a strong argument enough to avoid or prevent these collisions.

Actually, this in-car system did inspire Alexandra Seidl, a student by Miami Ad School, to create a piercingnly vibrant “Impossible to Miss” Print Ad. Well, you got the brilliant idea. The system spots the wildlife on the roads as well as identifies pedestrians.  Great doing, isn’t it?

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