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2010 Rolls royce Phantom #1

Darc Gothic Bentley: George Bamford Personalized Mulsanne Speed

When luxury meets personalization teaming to create a one-off premium car, the results may actually bedazzle. It would be difficult to conjure up a more brilliant example than the murdered-out Bamford X Bentley Mulliner to illustrate this idea. The latest bespoke brainchild by Mulliner, Bentley’s design department, and George Bamford, a watch personalizer, is all about customized luxury as Bamford definitely knows how to create unique things.

The “black-on-black” luxury sedan features Darkware finish of a gloss Beluga paint, a one-off chrome tint, special 21-inch wheels, come also in deep black, a branded matrix grille and huge wing vents. As for the interior, it focuses on vivid colors accentuating black upholstery and trim along with a Kingfisher blue color flowing through piping and contrast stitching.
The interior treatment features a unique carbon fiber watch holder located in the rear seat compartment.