Das Ist Fantastisch: Meet Monstrous SF600R Mustang by Schropp Tuning

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 12:42

Peter Schropp and his Schropp Tuning team have recently presented their own interpretation of the epic muscle car, the Ford Mustang GT taking performance to unbelievable heights. Ford Mustang, whose sales success is definitely ultimate in Europe, gets some exotic look and faces the main upgrade of the 421-hp V8 engine. Wrapped in green-grey-white paint colors, with snazzy lettering on the flanks, the custom-king model features also a carbon fitter splitter, open grille and the FM05R rear wing.

Schropp Tuning team focused on two-step tuning scheme. In the first phase, they started form the naturally aspirated 5.0-iter V8 engine making a SF600 conversion. Along with using a supercharger and employing also an ECU remap, the output became to around 600hp. The world is not enough, the Schropp Tuning thought. In the second phase, the German tuning team offered a SF600R conversion that delivers 950 Nm of peak torque, due to the employment of a new Coyote engine block, modified suspension employing KW V3 coilover suspension and a lower compression ratio. After using the latest ECU tune and branded valve control sports exhaust system, the SF600R Mustang delivers 807ph – it almost staggers belief!

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