Dawn of Justice Will Cost £19,495 in the UK

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

A heart-stopping combination of unique style and elegance, here it is – Dawn of Justice, the long-awaited Jeep Renegade. As the superhero Batman vs Superman movie is expected to hit the cinemas in late March, 2016, the exclusive limited edition Jeep is only just in time now! By the way, limited edition is believed to have exactly this meaning – just 500 Dawn of Justice units will be offered for sale in the UK.

Longitude-based, the Renegade plays with unique styling for the exquisite badge with polished deep black accents aiming to be associated with the DC Comics world. Branded Colorado Red, Carbon Black and Granite Crystal liveries add to the impression of a sharper and more attractive exterior. For the standard package, there are UConnect Live services, a fabulous audio system; the speakers framing alongside with the seat upholstery and air vents are arranged in black. For the optional package, the company offers the front seats and steering wheel heated as well as the breathtaking (and definitely worth for its money!) electric panoramic sunroof. By the by, what’s with the pricing? The limited Renegade version will cost from £19,495 for the 2WD model (it features 1.6-litre E-torQ engine and manual transmission producing 110 hp). The swankier 2WD version equipped with a 1.6-litre Multijet delivering 120 hp will be also available, indeed.

For addicted fans, Jeep has also launched an interactive entertainment website where the visitors can get some driving Dawn of Justice experience online as well as gain prizes and take cinema tickets to long-desired movie.  Fortunate souls are welcome here: http://www.battleoftherenegades.co.uk/

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