Design Your Own Vantage GT8 Online With Aston Martin Configurator

Wed, 06/01/2016 - 16:05

Procrastination never appeared so productive and appealing, it goes without a doubt. And if you behave like us, you will probably spend tons – no, Gosh, TONS! – of your free time creating various beautiful even if unattainable cars with the help of manufacturer’s web configurator tool. Vantage fans are now able to design their perfect GT8 via the brand’s new configurator online. An exclusive sports car, available in the limited edition only as the company intends to build 150 units only, now is free-to-play-with online. Say “thanks” to Aston martin as they launched an online utilities to design your-dream-Vantage-GT8 – and say “bye-bye” to your productivity, too.

Representing the ultimate Vantage edition, the GT8 features naturally-aspirated 4.7-litre V8 delivering 466hp. As expected of the luxury British boutique carmaker, the total amount of customizable options is impressively comprehensive. With the configurator utilities, the new GT8 comes in 35 exterior colors available, with four racing-spirited coolest liveries. The tool demonstrates how deeply clientele can customize each and every detail of the aggressive aero-packed sports car. For a truly personalized GT8, a quartet of wheel choices, six brake caliber options and eight accent packs are available, along with a huge array of carbon fiber trim pieces including lower valances, mirror caps, a front grille and a rear tailgate.

We hope you aren’t busy at work this week. Build your own GT8 here:

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