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Electric Startup Enters Formula E Race Late Fall

California-based Faraday Future, the mysterious puzzler, declared a technical partnership with Dragon Racing for Formula E (please, not to be confused this series with Formula One!) third season, the fully-electric world racing series. The new-born team is now called Faraday Future Dragon Racing and is going to join officially the start of the Formula E series this fall. Moreover, the Chinese-bankrolled startup intends to become a title sponsor for the Formula E team. The partnership is expected to last four next years.
Well, FF seems to look at least like a real deal.

The alliance partnered by Marco Mattiaci and Jay Penske, inspires a certain trust, after the FF startup has been met with barrage of heavy criticism. As you may remember, Faraday Future has claimed the company is all about to launch a production version of an electric concept car by 2018. However, after taking part in several hi-tech exhibitions including 2016 CES Expo, the startup didn’t provide any cheering news about the forthcoming versions. There aren’t still any production vehicles released (or at least teased with).

Tech-savvy software will be used to boost performance in an all-electric car’s powertrain, that’s the main focus of the partnership.  By the end of the agreement, by 2019, the team will improve technologies developed by FF including so-called “Echelon Inverter”, power controller and a new chassis.