Elon Musk Changes the World: Tesla Model 3 Beats All the Sales Records!

Fri, 04/01/2016 - 12:52

A long-awaited Model 3 has been just unveiled, and what could we say? It finally sizes up to all our expectations, God! This all-in-one eye-popping five-seater looks fantastic and promises to run all around. What about the pricing tag? Musk offers even more an affordable price, the base model costs $35,000. A head-spinning number of preorders makes 115,000 – we could hardly believe this! The Model 3 appears to be a true sales breaker here! However, only the late 2017 delivery date announced is rather disappointing.

The Model 3 represents a revolutionary approach to the development of car industry. First of all, it is considered to be an entry-level electric car. Then, the announced range on a single charge is expected to be 215 miles. In addition, the EV features standard autonomous hardware functionality, built-in key safety features and Supercharging capability, being recharged in a twinkle of an eye (actually it will take 1.5 minute to replace a battery in the car). By the way, regarding the batteries. Musk confirmed the new Gigafactory facility is fully ready to start the work producing an estimated number of 500,000 vehicles per year (with the help of the Californian Assembly Plant). 

The total number of superchargers worldwide would reach 7,200 in 2017. As for the base performance, Musk got upset to inform us that the Model 3 is considered to be the slowest ever model hitting 60 miles in under 6 seconds. Its siblings, according to Musk’s words, would be unconditionally faster as it is a case of a BASE performance only. “We don’t make slow cars”, Musk said jokingly.


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