Exhilarating & Powerful: 2017 F-Type SVR Is Coming For Geneva

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 14:07

March seems to become a great month for the attendees of 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Good release news sprout like mushrooms after the heavy rains. Jaguar announced its all-new brainchild, an all-weather F-Type SVR supercar to debut in Switzerland this March. The British brand confirmed the 2-door roadster in the SVR badge will accelerate to 200 miles per hour.

Worse luck; the Jag press release is bitterly brief. The 2017 F-Type SVR is expected to become the most hard-hitting vehicle that Birmingham plant ever built. We could only make wild guesses whether 516 pound-feet of torque or 575hp would still remain challenging or not.  The car maker previously claimed a 3.7-sprint to 62mph, but won’t confirm these data in the current press release yet. SVR’s drivetrain and transmission are still up in the air. All-wheel-drive? Open to question. Hope the British engineers will find the way.

Unique accents and color palette, along with the updated sporting interior, are expected to be appeared in this SVR-badge. Jag promises to release the full list of tech specs and details in several weeks, through mid-February.

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