Faraday Future Chooses an Exterior Design for Its Forthcoming EV

Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:11

While Faraday Future, the go-all-mysterious Chinese-funded startup, has been elaborating its first production EV, they decided to recruit its design team. Actually, it’s not a moment too soon as so far the company teased us with a teensy-weensy teaser shot of what the forthcoming EV looks like. A fresh addition of the FF team, Jin Won Kim, hired as FF’s Exterior Chief Designer, could provide a glimpse of reality to what’s going on. So meet the new exterior dude who will work on the FF EV’s design.

The point is that Jin Won Kim used to work for California-based Toyota Calty Design Research Studio as a chief styling designer. It was he who elaborated and fulfilled into reality the illustrious Toyota concept, the high-profile Corolla Furia. Kim has been held his hands to an impressive list of either production versions or concept works including Toyota FJ Cruiser, Scion T2B or Lexus LFC. He confirmed his joining FF to head exterior styling design on his LinkedIn page. Put it another way, if you need some distinctive hints about what the forthcoming EV looks like, you should turn your attention to these previous project, and more especially, to the Furia concept.


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