Forthcoming Tesla Urban Minibus Will Boast the Model X Platform

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 11:02

Elon Musk has outlined the future perspectives of Tesla Motors in his ambitious though odd Master Plan; among other things like solar-roof-battered products, it developed Musk intended to expand the electric vehicles’ lineup. Specifically, the part of the Master Plan deals with the kind of minibus Tesla promised to deliver soon, and believed to be a high passenger capacity urban vehicle. According to the plan, it would be an all-electric concept and chances are it will use the Model X chassis. Hey, Volkswagen, hear this news?

The point is that VW has been significantly hinted at its minibus for a long time but it is beyond reason to hope for it to be unveiled yet. All right then, Musk caught the brilliant bug. The only small minus is that Microbus-style all-electric minibus is actually in the initial stage of working-out; it means we could not see the first conceptual Tesla pick-up patterns not sooner than in 2017. And more amazingly, it might be called even SpaceBus, after Musk seems to have accepted a Tweeter suggestion about how to codename the forthcoming project.  The thing that really matters is feedback, isn’t it?

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