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With French Chic: Luxury E-Tense Set to Debut Next Week

DS brand gets with the times showing its fully-electric two-seater to debut at the on-coming Geneva next month. The eye-popping E-Tense Concept is believed to be the embodiment of French automaker to combine high-end design and all-electric powerful motor. The high-impact two-wheel-drive GT offers a claimed range of 193 miles with a lithium-ion battery and has been announced to sprint 0-62mph time in four and a half seconds. 

A high-performance concept is powered by an electric drivetrain delivering 381lb-ft and 402hp (rivaling with a fully-electric R8 E-tron producing relatively similar power but a higher – 604 – pound-feet of torque). The ritzy coupe appears even to take after the Audi R8 some exterior traits like wide fenders. However, some distinctive (that is, the brand is called in such a way, lol) design features turn heads with its cutting-edge LED headlights and air vents, dramatic fluidic dash shapes, attention-grabbing paddle-shifters and door mirrors (pay notice that the coupe doesn’t offer a rear windscreen; instead, the engineering team used a camera to transport an actual view on a screen). DS lays special emphasis on luxury interior pieces and spectacular upholstery inside the vehicle. We are really anxious for the concept to debut!