Honda Redesigns Fifth Gen: 2017 CR-V Gets Turbo Now

Fri, 10/14/2016 - 12:13

In the compact crossover segment, the CR-V is considered to be one of the Honda’s top-sellers being in great requests so no wonder the carmaker decided to redesign it. Coming through the fifth generation, the Honda’s big hit gets some attractive treats such as hi-tech offerings, more safety options (Honda Sensing suite rules, yep!), more space and a modified power unit. Since now, the CR-V would get a new 1.5-litre Turbocharged engine to deliver 174hp. In other words, the new sophisticated CR-V gets fuel-effective now to turn a real all-the-go.

Little has ourtwardly changed at the CR-V’s exterior, but some styling modifications have been seemingly marked. On the face of it, the hood becomes pretty longer, and the fenders are visually zoomed in, to dramatize the styling. More chrome has been added to the grille, altered significantly; to reduce air drag, the advanced automatic shutter grille system has been incorporated into the car. A distinctive power tailgate should also go unmentioned.

On the inside, changes are mostly based on a new Civic-derived platform. As it is wider and longer, it means the 2017 CR-V gets more interior and cargo space as well. Among the key objectives that should be mentioned in defining the interior stuffing, pride of place goes to the theme of comfort and safety options. The model is equipped with a dual-zone climate control system, an electric parking break, blind-spot detection, a back monitor of cross-traffic, adaptive cruise control and voice-activated smart systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Among the completely new features, the Garmin-developed navigation system and a redesigned instrument panel with two new screens are proudly worth mentioning.

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