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The Hulk in Dark Shades of Green: Mercedes Unveils All-New AMG GT R

Let’s meet the magnificent gimmick from Mercedes. The all-new 587-bhp AMG GT R is unveiled in Brooklands, UK, being the third member of Mercedes’ AMG GT family, expanding rapidly, and probably the speediest GT ever as this hellish sports car could accelerate from 0-62mph on 3.6 seconds delivering top speed of around 200mhp. The Goodwood Festival of Speed hosts the Green Devil’s debut this weekend.

Why so “devilish”? The sports car’s color means all in this case. Named Green Hell Magno, this color is considered to be highly exclusive for the AMG R model paying tribute to the legendary “North Loop” of German Nürburgring nicknamed “the Green Hell” after Jackie Stewart. The name is rather self-explanatory; the acceleration and power announced promise, in fact, extreme driving performance and extraordinary aerodynamics on the racetrack.  The “Panamericana” grille will just suffice to mention.

As other GT-members, the Green Devil is equipped with a 4.0-litre biturbo V8, upgraded DCT seven-speed transmission with definitely ultimate configuration and modified cooling system, for more effective and powerful boost pressure.  And yes and all over again – it is damned light, boasting 1555kg to deliver a better power-to weight ratio, due to the excessive use of carbonfibre details. Should be pretty teasing to spark an interest among the race fans once again, Well, it will hit the sales market in November 2016.