Hyundai Promises a 250-mile EV for 2020

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 13:44

Hyundai has huge future plans for the upcoming four years. Until the world of electric vehicles would change in progress in this period of time, Hyundai definitely is all about all-electric range. As you may remember, the go-getter company unveiled its so-called “Loniq Trio” at the latest Geneva Motors. It comes to a 110-mile EV along with a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. There is nothing for it but to offer a running strategy of plug-in vehicles for its clientele.

According to a short interview to Autoblog of Dr. Byung Ahn, the head of Hyundai Mobis, a Hyundai Motor Group Company, Hyundai is all-ready to reveal a 250-mile EV for 2020. BK, team-leading of Advanced Technologies Team, focuses on eco-friendly vehicle performance.  He also said Hyundai is working hard on two EVs, a 200-mile EV which should be unveiled for 2018, and a 250-mile EV which might be closer to the Model 3 class-leading vehicle.

Over the late years, plug-in EVs may have actually been hogging the green limelight, but Hyundai is dead sure in believe that the range and emissions of hydrogen fuel cells are strongly considered to appear the effective and sustainable alternative technology to follow. In fact, this intention is believed to be a part of the brand’s environmentally-friendly strategy to launch at least 26 new green promising models by 2020, demonstrating the Hyundai’s environmental commitment. This plan is all about hydrogen fuel cell cars as well as standard hybrids and plug-ins, with a huge array of powertrains.  However, the company did not issue a press-release to reveal more details.

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