Infiniti Showed Off Its Retro-Looking Prototype 9 EV

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 23:09

Equipped with a pure-electric powertrain, the retro-designed Infiniti Prototype 9 shows a creative view on EVs design recalling 1940s classic race cars and blending beautifully the modern future with the past. According to Nissan-owned luxury badge’ press release, the Japanese carmaker used original technologies when building the metal-tube looking machine, with hand-shaped steel body panels, a steel ladder-frame chassis and wire-spoke wheels. The Prototype 9 is announced to make its world debut at the forthcoming Pebble Beach 2017.

The all-electric Grand Prix-styled racer comes with a Nissan-built electric motor and battery with a 20 minutes range sending 148hp and 236 pound-feet of torque to rear wheels and resulting in a top speed of 105mph. The EV’s power is enough to reach 0-60mph time in 5.3 seconds despite a lack of power steering and power brakes – this eye-catching single-seater uses hydraulic rotary type dampers with leaf-spring suspension. However, this Prototype demonstrates perfectly that modern cars don’t have to feature ultra-futuristic bodies to be astonishingly looking. Then we wonder if this retro-roadster reflects some exterior tends of Nissan electric cars to come?

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