Inside the Legend: the Aston Martin Museum Reveals All the Secrets

Wed, 10/12/2016 - 13:26

This mysterious place is a really hard nut to find, but it’s definitely worthwhile expending some efforts. Dedicated to keeping the prominent moments of glorious ancestry of famous Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., this place provides a true home for luxury vehicles’ collection of AM heritage along with the maintenance of precious historic materials and archives. The Aston Martin Heritage Trust shows how it looks like when memorabilia really matters.

Based in Oxfordshire (the exact address has not been published, though), the museum hosts various examples of brand’s models rotating the collection on a permanent basis. Here one can observe the 1921 that is considered to be the oldest known existing Aston Martin model in the whole world, or the unique AMR1\01 sports car, or the glorious 1986 Series 3 Lagonda to portray Aston Martin heritage in a respectful way.  The collection encloses some legendary units including those belonging to AM lead designers or famed racing drivers.

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