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Ionic Hybrid Will Be Unveiled in Switzerland

Three futuristic IONIC versions are proudly promised to be released at the 2016 Geneva by the Korean automaker. Hyundai claims all these stunning IONICs will be plug-in and electrified variants; the company will air two cutting-edge plug-in and one revolutionary fully-electric model accordingly. This is the way Hyundai decreases the fossil fuel reliance level by offering three types of powertrains to a customer.

To optimize aerodynamics, the design team created an encapsulated nose for the battery-electric variant. Hyundai promises this potent version to feature 118hp with 28kWh high-powered battery. The forceful model can demonstrate a top speed of 103mhp with 155 miles of the range. To further the latter, Hyundai used low-rolling resistance tires and a highly-efficient HVAC system here. As for the plug-in, it will feature an updated electric motor delivering 60ph. The engine is supposed to be a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder one with an 8.9 kWh battery. The range is quoted to reach 31 miles. What is about the third plug-in? Called the Ford Fusion Energy, this plug-in is heavy-weightier and roomier, with the electric range of 20 miles totally. The 7.6 kWh battery is incorporated here.