Jeep Marks the Date with Salute Tribute Concept

Mon, 07/18/2016 - 15:34

This weekend, Jeep celebrated the actual birth of the brand. In Toledo, Ohio, the Anniversary Wrangler concept has been launched to mark the commemorative day when 75 years ago, in July 1941, there the iconic Wrangler off-roader was born. 
This day is considered to be the official date of Jeep’s birth. In the mid-summer of 1940, Willys-Overland won the contract to launch the Willys MB. In fact, we used to get the original “jeep” nickname to refer the legendary off-roader, after this contract with the US Government. To celebrate this date, the carmaker has revved up a military-themed Wrangler to pay tribute to the Willys MB forerunner.

The World War II dark-olive-hued Salute concept shares the base with the on-the-day Wrangler Sport to replicate the original mission-specific Wrangler MB. The latter was all about military function; that is why the 75-th Anniversary Edition concept shadows the purpose-built MB properly. It features no B-pillars and no doors; instead of the modern curves, it boasts vintage-looking metal details and low canvas seats. However, the chances are better than even that this curious concept won’t ever hit the road.



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