Jeep Reveals the Full Legendary Lineup Commemorating its Anniversary

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 17:51

2016 seems to become an important year for Jeep as the car maker is going to expand its production worldwide, according to the recent trends. Let’s get down to facts – several years ago Jeep could have boasted less than 800,000 units built in the USA and four plants respectively. By 2018, Fiat reveals almost unbelievable figures of almost 2 million examples to go on sale worldwide considering its production in six countries. So no wonder Jeep has a lot to be proud of: at Detroit Motor Show, the company marks its 75th anniversary having gone the way from a military manufacturing to up-market prestigious brand.

The milestone 75th lineup consists of six special-edition vehicles debuting at 2016 NAIAS, one for each model. It comes to the outstanding Cherokee, outgoing Compass, classical Grand Cherokee, predatory Patriot, glorious Renegade and extremely popular Wrangler Editions. The models are expected to get dealers by the end of this year’s quarter. The prices will wave from the $25,000 for the Compass-Patriot-Renegade model array to the almost $40,000 for the Wrangler-Cherokee choice. For the anniversary, all the models are painted in Exclusive Jeep-ish Green (several green shades are available depending on the models), with bronze accents, a commemorative “75 YEARS” logo and up-scaled interiors inside.

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