Jon Olsson Goes Insane Snow Drifting with a Lamborghini

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 12:12

Can supercars play the role of snowmobiles rushing through ice and snow? Jon Olsson, a skillful Swedish pro-skier, has surely no doubt reaching the top of Fonna, the well-known Norwegian glacier, with a Murcielago. It is always fun to check out stunning supercars in such severe conditions, and we highly appreciate breathtaking shots over the personal Olsson blog as the photos have been taken from there. Now we can get to enjoy this fabulous Lambo in action. Check out the video to witness even the harshest weather environment makes no difficulties for this Lambo dodger!

You can never know what sort of racing stunts Olsson is going to showcase with his insane cars. This one is all about a 604-hp Murcielago, outfitted with spike-upgraded 16-mm tires and the ski box. The video is literally going viral in a matter of minutes. However, the cost of such ski racing is rather expensive; you realize that one doesn’t actually need a Lamborghini just to go snow drifting, any objections?

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